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About Ariana

Founder of Mama Mermaids Magic

The Woman Behind the Magic

My name is Ariana, the creator of Mama Mermaid’s Magic. I spent a good portion of my life with different illnesses and ailments, but it wasn’t until I was poisoned by black mold that my body completely crashed, and at that severe point I became bed ridden and almost lost my life. The poisoning triggered bio-toxin illness, CIRS, fibromyalgia, MCS, chronic fatigue syndrome, mast cell activation disorder, ulcerative colitis, Reynolds disease, severe anaphylaxis and many more issues.

Therefore, Mama Mermaid’s Magic was born out of a need to Live! Before Mama Mermaids, I had seen numerous specialists and Drs, yet my health continued to severely decline.

So, I was on a mission. A mission to LIVE!

I began my research. I searched and searched and researched and researched and researched more. I tried everything I could get my hands on. This included a variety of trying Chinese medicine, homeopathy, essential oils, diet changes, environmental changes, and hundreds of different supplements. In my journey I have found and created what I think are superior products!

My desire is to offer you the best products with only the finest ingredients that empower you to heal your body naturally. I am currently off all of my pharmaceutical medications. I now live a very full and healthy life. I have the energy to care for my 4 boys, surf again and feel absolutely vibrant. I believe we all have a right to heal naturally.

Mama Mermaid is here to empower you.