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“Where do I begin?? I have been plagued with anxiety and insomnia for over a decade. I’m not one to take prescriptions and eating a healthy diet and exercise still was not helping me. I first started using the essential oil rollers which helped me get to sleep and reduce some of my stress and anxiety. As I was researching more into natural ways to combat anxiety I stumbled upon CBD oil. Ariana hooked my up with her amazing product that I take sublingually twice a day. What a difference, everyone has commented on how much more calm and relaxed I am!! It is such a relief to know that I’m finally at a good place both emotionally and physically and the products that I’m taking are natural and safe. But enough about me, let’s talk about my dad. He was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer a year ago. Ever since his diagnosis, it’s one road block after another! He is currently undergoing 7 months of chemotherapy and I felt compelled to find him some type of relief. My dad started taking CBD oil right before his first treatment and it’s been a life saver. His appetite has actually increased and he only experiences two days of fatigue after treatment. Thank you Ariana for introducing my family to your great line of products!!!”

– Lindzy T.

“Mama Mermaids  CBD products have helped my husband with his autoimmune and dealing with the side effects of the prednisone meds.. Thank you Ariana, we love you!

– Brenda M., Cabo, Mexico

“I’ve been using the CBD eye serum with excellent results. Both my husband and I use the CBD oil and it has helped a lot with different areas of pain especially the knees. Also use many of the essential oils. But the best part of Mama Mermaid’s Magic is Ariana. We love her!

– Cathy E., Lancaster CA

“I started using the CBD oil for pain relief from an old  back injury and a bulged disc, causing pain in my neck. Since starting Mama Mermaids CBD I have not had to use painkillers or anything like Advil.  It’s like magic.
I haven’t had the need for a painkiller in over two years.
The other day I hurt my knee, it got swollen.
I Immediately iced it. The next morning I was expecting the usual pain and stiffness but I put Mamma’s CBD salve on it. In 15 mins all pain and stiffness was gone.
The salve worked so good that I’m on my feet all day the next day with no pain or stiffness and swelling! Unreal.  Once again thank you and the stuff truly is organic magic!

– Roger S., Palisades NY.

“I love love love Ariana. I was also blessed to have her introduce me to her CBD oil.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia and depression and anxiety. I have been taking the CBD oil for about 3 months and have stopped taking my pain meds and also take the oil for depression and anxiety.  I did have to ween myself off antidepressants with the help of my MD.  This stuff is really a miracle in a bottle.  Try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Thank you Mama Mermaids

– Patricia J., San Marcos CA

“Ariana has been such an inspiration from her story to her CBD product that has worked wonders for many people in my life. The salve has worked wonders for my 90 year old grandpa with arthritis, my relative that suffered from eczema when nothing else worked, taking the pain away from my back injuries and helping with another cousin that has IBS (that was her product you can ingest). I am an extremely strong believer of her and her products. I couldn’t say enough good things. She has educated me on the benefits of CBD and has proven that it truly works. Cheers to finding a solution outside of synthetic pharmaceuticals that works!

– John W., Encinitas CA

“CBD has been a life changer. I prefer to always feel like myself so over the counter medications for pain and anxiety are not my favorite options. I was given Mama Mermaid’s CBD drops after an injury and I was so thankful to be able to feel the immediate effects and still feel like myself. I have since gifted it to family and friends with ailments ranging from lupus to depression who have all happily reported feeling a positive difference in their lives.”

– Amanda P.

“My husband recently had knee surgery and he used the CBD oil and salve. These relieved the pain, and now he’s off pain meds, pretty cool!”

– C.R.W.

“I have tried many CBD salves and not experienced pain cessation that is so fast and long-lasting. It also seems to be effecting the underlying inflammation and, over time, makes the cause of the pain go away. It also “rubs in” and does not leave an oily slick that stains my clothes. It has a faint, pleasant scent and doesn’t leave me smelling “weedy”.”

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